Filing Your Corporate Taxes

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Statement

Information needed for corporate return

You have 90 days to file your corporate return if you owe money and six months if you don't owe money.

  • First, verify your fiscal year end.
  • HST record
  • Shareholder information. ( name, address, SIN, )
  • Total sales
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Bank statement ( for bookkeeping purposes )
  • BN ( business Number )
  • Supplies
  • Fees
  • Utilities
  • Telephone
  • Vehicle exp ( insurance, repair, & fuel ) please keep a record of business usage.
  • Employees exp or sub-contract
  • Any other document you think will help your case.

We have to issue a financial statement. In order to do so, we produce profit & loss and balance sheet.

Balance Sheet Information

  • Account receivable information. ( the money that your client owe you )
  • List of your assets ( sign, building, land, inventory )
  • detailed list of your fixture and equipment. ( in case of no receipt, make a list of them with price and description details )
  • list of all accounts payable
  • shareholder account. Make sure you keep a ledger of money in or out of your business.
  • Any loan or payable

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